The tradition of English law is “Buyer beware” – it is up to the buyer to make sure he gets what he thought he was bargaining for. This “freedom of contract” is still the basis of our law, but it is now overlaid with decades of consumer protection. If you buy goods or services that are not as required, it is always worth checking whether you have a claim against the seller.

  • Faults – “It doesn’t work”
  • Description – “It’s the wrong colour”
  • Quantity – “I paid for ten”
  • Specification – “I ordered the deluxe model”
  • History – “You said only one careful owner”
  • Price – “The advert said service was included”
  • Delay – “You promised it last month”

Different remedies may be available if you obtained the goods online, hire purchase or other credit arrangements, or paid by credit card.

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