Common Neighbour Disputes and How to Handle Them

Neighbour disputes are actually more common than you think which is why we offer support and solutions for your neighbourhood problems. Do you feel like you are experiencing a dispute and you’re not sure what to do about it?

Here are some common disputes and how to handle them.

Problems and Disagreements with Neighbours

Loud and Consistent Noise

If your neighbour is making noise every once in a while, this is more of an inconvenience rather than reason for a dispute. However, if it is a common occurrence and can be defined as ‘noise pollution’, you may find reason to take action.

Where it’s entertaining in the evenings or large parties and loud activities at night, constant screaming, shouting, loud talking or music, or even noisy vehicles and screeching children, no matter what, it can be dealt with.

The first step you should take is to ask your neighbour politely if they will keep the noise down. If they react badly or don’t make any changes, then you have a few options:

  • Contact the neighbour’s landlord if they rent their home
  • Keep a diary to keep track of their noise
  • Contact the police as they have authority to deal with noise problems

Damage to Property

One of the most trying disputes is if your neighbour doesn’t take care of their property and it ultimately impacts on yours. For example, if they let their tree in their garden become an obstacle for you or let its roots grow in inconvenient places. Or, if they let their hedge overgrow to an extreme extent, making it block your view or light.

These issues that are left can cause more serious problems such as damage to vehicles or dangerous accidents. Unfortunately, you aren’t able to take any action of your own like trimming the greenery back, but they may be liable for damages, so it is best to try and resolve this with polite yet firm words.

If this seems completely impossible to resolve with a discussion, then it is time to get in touch with solicitors.

Boundary Disputes

One of the most popular neighbour complaints are boundary disputes. This may be in reference to similar issues mentioned above; an argument over who’s responsibility it is to keep a hedge trimmed back or repair a fence. Unfortunately, the person responsible for the fence can do whatever they wish with it, as long as it is safe and not damaging your property.

Encroachment or trespassing can also fall under boundary disputes, if a fence or barrier is encroaching on the other neighbour’s property or there is constant trespassing over their owned land. We offer help and advice with Boundary Disputes so click here to find out more.

Offensive Behaviour or Threats

Finally, an ongoing dispute can be made incessantly worse when offensive behaviour or threats are played into the mix. We are all entitled to live our own private lives peacefully, so this attitude is unacceptable and unnecessary.

If this continues to occur after you try and settle things politely, you will have to decide if it is serious enough or not to call the police. When you start to feel threatened and scared with what your neighbours may inflict upon you, you should report them.

Ways to Try and Resolve Neighbour Disputes

Always try talking to your neighbour about the problem first before anything; we are all human, so try to approach them in a friendly manner and try to amicably reach an agreement.

Worried about your neighbour’s reaction if you talk to them? Try writing a letter instead but still take the same friendly and amicable approach.

If these tactics don’t work and the issues carry on, then it is time to try something more serious. Get in contact with whomever owns their property, whether this be a landlord, a housing association, or the council. They can then approach the tenant.

How Can Caversham Solicitors Help?

We have litigation solicitors that are on hand to advise you on how to find solutions for any neighbourly problems.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss a dispute, please contact us today.