Making a Will

Who writes your Will matters

There is a rising popularity of DIY Wills or the use of other (non-lawyer) unregulated Will writing companies.

Will-writing itself is NOT a regulated market. This means there are a number of different ways to get a Will, but the protection you have if something goes wrong can vary hugely, depending on who writes it.

Solicitors are regulated professionals. Therefore, if you use a solicitor you are covered by a range of potentially valuable protections. With other (non-lawyer) Will-writing services, you do NOT have the same safeguards, and therefore, you are potentially on your own.

Solicitors will also provide legal advice as part of the service. Wills are often challenged. Complex family structures can make the division of assets between second or third families a source of dispute and the increased value of estates is a contributory factor.

Who writes your will matters. The protections can differ greatly and problems may not come to light until after your death, which could be many years later.

Making a Will

We all know that we should have a Will, however for many of us it is one of those important tasks that is often postponed until it is too late.

Making a Will ensures that your property and affairs are dealt with in accordance with your wishes. It enables you to: –

  • Ensure that on your death whatever you own passes to those whom you would wish
  • Leave your assets to your partner. Without a Will, legal action will be required
  • Leave property to friends or a charity
  • Choose who should manage your affairs after your death
  • Appoint a guardian to bring up your children if they are orphaned whilst under 18
  • Reduce or extinguish your tax liabilities in certain circumstances

Our team of solicitors will work closely with you to make sure the process of making your Will is as straightforward as possible. We like to start by arranging a face-to-face or video meeting to take your instructions, whether in our office or at your home. We need to understand exactly what you wish to achieve as to the disposition of your property, money and possessions after your death so your wishes can be efficiently carried out.

We will then see to preparing your Will and send a draft for your agreement. Once it is approved we like to arrange another meeting in order for you to sign your Will. We will also provide the witnesses to ensure the correct execution of your Will – a small error can make a Will invalid.

Finally, we offer to store all clients’ Wills in fireproof cabinets without charge, ensuring they are kept in a safe place, at all times.

For further information about making your Will please contact one of our team who would be pleased to help

Updating an Existing Will

If you already have a Will, there may be important updates which you need to make.

Does your Will still reflect your wishes and circumstances? Since making your Will have you married, divorced or separated? Have you had children? Has the value of your estate changed?

If any significant changes have occurred since you made your Will, which may impact upon its contents, then you should consider reviewing and updating it now.

For further information about updating an existing Will please contact one of our team who would be pleased to help.

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