Client Charter

Our Commitment To You

We have developed policies within our company that help us work more efficiently and effectively and maximise the use of our time; some of these are listed below.

Below is our promise to you:

The solicitor acting for you will be your dedicated file manager and will oversee all work that is done for you. If he or she is not available to answer your call, you can leave a message with a secretary or assistant who will be familiar with your file

  • E-mails, letters and telephone calls will be dealt with promptly and courteously
  • We appreciate that everyone is different, and some people don’t like receiving letters: you can tell us your preferred method of communication
  • We must tell you in advance whenever possible the cost of our work or advice and unless you have already asked us to start the work, only do so if you have agreed the price
  • We must do our best for you always
  • We must stand by our guarantees
  • We must apologise and make amends if we don’t perform as we promise, and you will be the judge of our performance
  • We must always keep you informed and up to date

Your commitment to us:

  • You must tell us if there is something that upsets you. That way we have the chance to put it right and apologise
  • If you need someone to do something by a certain date, agree it with him or her well in advance
  • You must pay us in accordance with the agreement we make with you
  • You must supply information in a timely and complete fashion and deal with our questions for information promptly
  • We hope you will recommend us to friends and colleagues if you feel our service is of benefit to them
  • We hope you will supply us with a written testimonial if you are completely satisfied with our service provided to you

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