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Caversham Solicitors has experience across a wide range of litigation services and is able to represent individuals and organisations in the pursuit and defence of such claims locally and nationally.

Our Fixed Fee Dispute Service

The Fixed Fee Dispute Service is designed to provide you with cost-effective initial advice on your legal issue from one of our Dispute Resolution Lawyers.

The Service includes an appointment for up to an hour for the review of key documents and a video call, for a cost of £90 (incl VAT). After the appointment you should be able to make some decisions on what to do next.

This service is for consumers and covers a range of civil court disputes, including: –

Boundary Disputes

Builder Disputes

Landlord & Tenant Disputes

Restrictive Covenant Issues

Construction Disputes

Service Charge Issues

Disputing the validity of a Will

Removing an Executor from a post

Inheritance disputes

Unfairly left out of a Will

Claims Against Solicitors

Claims Against Accountants

Claims Against Surveyors

Claims Against Barristers

Claims Against Financial Advisors

Claims Against Architects

Disputes with a supplier

Disputes with a retailer

Faulty goods or products

Faulty services


Claims worth less than £10,000

What To Expect?

The appointment will provide you with an initial assessment of your legal issue, our recommendation(s) for the next steps, the likely costs that would apply and your funding options, such as No Win No Fee.

If Interested

Please complete the Fixed Fee Contact Form so that we can check we do not have a conflict of interest and set up your appointment.

Preparing for the Appointment

Before the Appointment we will contact you to: –  

  1. Provide copies of your identity documents (photocard driving licence or passport and a recent utility bill showing your name and current address);
  • Email over a summary of the events and facts that you wish to discuss.
  • Send over your documents so that they can be reviewed during the appointment, or drop them into our Reception;
  • Pay the Fixed Fee Dispute Service Fee

After the Appointment

After the appointment we will email you our initial assessment, based upon the information provided.

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