Disputes with neighbours

Disputes with neighbours can be very distressing and can often make you feel trapped or even intimidated. Unfortunately, sometimes the simple act of approaching your neighbour to deal with the problem and reach an amicable solution is not enough. This is when you might need our support and we can help you find a quick and cost effective solution to your neighbour problem.

Common neighbour problems:

  • Noise – loud talking, screaming and shouting, radio and television, music, children, DIY
  • Damage to or interference with property – e.g. fences or trees
  • Throwing items over the boundary fence
  • Vehicles – noise, trespass
  • Commercial activities
  • Entertaining – large parties
  • Activity at night
  • Damage to vehicles
  • Offensive behaviour or threats
  • Boundary disputes – encroachment and trespass

We are all entitled to live our private lives peacefully, free from harassment. We can advise you how to find solutions in law for all of these problems.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss any of the topics above, please contact Robert Syms at robertsyms@cavershamsolicitors.co.uk or write or telephone if you prefer.

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