Boundary and Land Disputes

While we may be urged to ‘love thy neighbour’ it does not mean that we will not sue them if they encroach on to our side of a boundary or their hedge cuts out our light! Indeed, the newspapers are full of such cases where a neighbour dispute has resulted in litigation.

At Caversham Solicitors we have successfully represented many people who have had some kind of land dispute, whether over a contested boundary or dispute over shared access or planning issues. We can also help in commercial disputes over land, perhaps where it has or is being purchased with a view to developing it.

Such disputes are on the rise due to increased property and land values and the kind of publicity we mentioned at the start of this article. Property owners are also much more aware that they need to, and have the right to, protect their land.

People believe, often mistakenly, that resorting to litigation is the way forward to resolve land disputes; we can help you decide whether that is the best way forward. We offer no-nonsense advice in plain English which is about helping you understand the strength of your legal position. We will always be honest – even when the news may not be what you want to hear.

Many such disputes are resolved through sending letters or encouraging the parties to undergo mediation rather than heading to the courts and this is always considered more appropriate. We can support you through this more consultative approach, and in court if the dispute heads that way and you will be in a stronger position for having undertaken an attempt at informal resolution.

As with all legal advice, the sooner you seek help the better informed you will be and speaking to Caversham Solicitors about any land or property dispute is a prudent first step. Get in touch with Robert Syms at or phone on 0118 947 8638.

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