There are many circumstances where you might wish to transfer the ownership of a property and the process is much simpler than buying or selling property.

Typical examples of change of ownership of property are husband to husband and wife, and parents to adult children. While the process is a lot simpler than buying or selling property, you do need to follow the correct procedure, and Caversham Solicitors’ conveyancing team can ensure that the transfer of ownership of your property in Berkshire or Oxfordshire is carried out correctly.

We will take care of the paperwork and always explain what we are doing in plain English (Caversham Solicitors avoids legal jargon!). This will culminate in registering the changed ownership at the Land Registry (after, in most circumstances, the consent of any mortgage company).

If you need to transfer ownership of a property you can email Patrick Kilby at or phone us on 0118 947 8638.