Professional Advice in Difficult Times

The Family Department here at Caversham Solicitors is dedicated to caring for our clients’ needs.   We understand that family life can be tough at times and as the Family Solicitor, I understand the importance of supporting my clients during these difficult times whilst always working practically and strategically towards reaching a solution. Whether you are entering into a marriage and looking to protect your financial position with a pre-nuptial agreement; or sadly facing a marriage breakdown or problems making arrangements for children – we can help.

We also recognise that many people find themselves needing legal advice but not seeking the help they need due to the fear of the cost.  We at Caversham Solicitors offer a FREE initial consultation in family matters, and most other areas, to provide people with advice as to their rights and on the costs which may be incurred if they pursue their case.

Come and see us, share your problems and we will do our best to help.