To sue or not to sue?

It is a difficult decision, weighing up whether to pursue a claim or not. It is always worth bearing in mind the following when making your decision:

1.       Do I have a good claim with strong evidence?

We can advise on the strength of your claim and the strength of your evidence and prepare witness statements for oral evidence, if appropriate.

2.       Does my opponent have the means to pay the outstanding money owed to me?

We can assist in determining what resources your opponent has by carrying out checks or other investigations. It is worth ascertaining what means your opponent has to repay any money before you incur significant costs.

3.       Is there an alternative to suing somebody?

There are many other alternatives to suing somebody. Often, a carefully drafted letter from us can get the right response. An informal meeting or mediation may also resolve issues. It is worth exploring all of these options before issuing proceedings and incurring court costs.

4.       Can I afford the legal costs?

We offer fixed fee appointments to discuss your case and provide general advice and are very conscious of legal costs and the need to keep matters economic.

We are aware of the risks of suing someone and always bear in mind the alternatives. Please contact us if you would like any additional information.