Updating an Existing Will

If you already have a Will, but have not reviewed it recently, there may be important updates which you need to make.

  • Has anything happened since you made your Will, which might cause you to reconsider any part of it?
  • Are your executors still appropriate?
  • Since you made your Will have you married, divorced or separated?
  • Have you had or adopted any children?
  • How has the value of your estate changed?
  • Does your Will still deal effectively with Inheritance Tax issues?

For example, marriage revokes a Will, which means that if you have married since making your Will then it will no longer be valid, and you will need to think about making a new one to reflect your new circumstances. Equally divorce affects gifts left to your ex-spouse, whereas separation does not, so in both cases an update may be needed depending on your situation.

When we experience a major life change we should consider updating our Will, whether that is by way of a new Will or a Codicil.  Here at Caversham Solicitors Limited we will consider your individual circumstances and offer practical, straightforward legal advice, ensuring your wishes are reflected in your Will.

To find out more about updating or changing your Will, or for a free Will review, please contact Kelly Chandler on 01189 478638 or kelly@cavershamsolicitors.co.uk