Dealing with Children Matters During Separation

Although traditionally a time to celebrate, the festive period brings difficult times to families more often than not. Did you know that Christmas is one of the most common times when matrimonial issues occur?

If there are children within this marriage too, it can become even more complicated and raise a number of questions on how to deal with the separation. If you are dealing with children matters whilst going through a separation during this time, you are not alone – Caversham Solicitors are here to help and answer any of your queries.

Frequently Asked Questions About Children & Separation

Should We Inform Our Children of Our Separation?

This is a question that completely depends on your individual situation and there isn’t a right or wrong answer. Some children may be old enough to be aware of what is going on, however, some may be young enough to be completely oblivious. Consider age, maturity and family dynamics when it comes to when and how you inform your children.

It’s important to approach the situation with caution in order to not cause shock and try to come together with your spouse to discuss it with them together. Be as supportive as you can by keeping calm, being supportive and answering any questions they may have. If you would like further advice on how to handle this, please contact any member of our Family team and we would be more than happy to help.

Who Should the Children Live with During & After Separation?

The most important things to consider at all times are your children’s feelings and to ensure they feel comfortable at all times. This transition should be made as easy as possible and should not become a slanging match between the parents.

Things you need to think about are the location of the place where they will be, ideally it should be as close to their school as possible. Also, where they feel most settled, whether that be in the former matrimonial home or somewhere else. No matter how painful it may be for the parents, you need to address the wants and needs of the children.

If you cannot agree between yourselves on where the children should live, we can help advise you on the application and process of a Residence Order. We can also represent you, if this is necessary. Contact us today to arrange a free consultation in order to discuss your requirements.

Family Services at Caversham Solicitors

At Caversham Solicitors, we are dedicated to caring for our client’s family needs and recognise the sensitivity when it comes to dealing with children matters during a separation.

Although every family is different and reasons behind separation are unique to every couple, we have the ability to tailor our services to help you. We offer professional, constructive and friendly advice on the above matters, plus any issues regarding child maintenance, contact and residence.

For more information or to book a free initial consultation, please email us or get in touch with one of our Family Solicitors today.