How to Divorce as Amicably as Possible

After the stresses of Christmas and the introduction of a New Year, which could also be seen as a new start, this time of year is the busiest period for divorce enquiries. Although it is commonly described as the second most traumatic life experience, it is possible to make the divorce process amicable and harmonious.

Tips to Achieve an Amicable Divorce

Prepare By Seeking Initial Advice Early

Recognising your marriage has come to an end isn’t an easy realisation to reach and, even after this recognition, how you proceed with this isn’t simple or easy either. Although there may never feel like there is a right time to start the divorce process, it is recommended to seek initial advice and information early. This is so you are emotionally and mentally prepared for the journey and what’s to come. Top Tip: if you are the instigator, don’t rush the other party into starting the proceedings as this will slow the whole process down; give them time to settle and gather their own information too.

Always Negotiate from a Position of Knowledge

Leading with emotion will not result in an amicable divorce as the law does not care for the blame game, it only cares for the facts. In order to maintain a calm mediation and negotiation with your partner, you have to be realistic and honest about the facts so you can ensure a clean break. Of course, this process will differ for every couple and there may be circumstances that affect financial settlements which may prompt emotion and blame, but it is always best to try and negotiate from a position of knowledge.

Ensure You Have a Strong Support Network

Separating doesn’t necessarily mean you have to deal with the entire process by yourself. Having support right from the start, even before you make the decision to separate, will make a huge difference to your experience. Not only will it help you in yourself, but it will also have a positive impact on the divorce process and make sure dealings between you and your partner are amicable. You could consider bringing a friend or a family member to your initial appointment for support which could be supportive during and after the meeting too.

Look to the Future Rather Than the Past

Although you may be separating due to previous behaviour of your partner and incidents that have occurred, it’s important to move on from those and focus on your future. If you keep looking in the past and bringing up situations that have happened, you are holding yourself, and your partner, back from healing and not giving yourself the opportunity to progress. It will also create negative emotions which can impact the divorce process and not enable an amicable resolution.

Choose a Family Solicitor You Can Rely On

Finally, a great way to ensure your divorce is amicable is by choosing a Family Solicitor that you have a good fit with, that understands you and can become a part of your team. Caversham Solicitors aim to support our clients throughout these difficult times, to make things as easy as possible.

We understand that each marital breakdown and the reasons behind them are completely unique to every couple, so we can tailor our services to help you. We always aim to help couples through every step of the process quickly and stress-free.

For more information or to book a free initial consultation, please get in touch with one of our Family Solicitors today.