Most parents who separate want the best for their children, but often the emotional and financial impact of separation can make it difficult for parents to effectively communicate and resolve matters.

For example, when a relationship breaks own it can sometimes lead to disagreements over the children, for example over how much time they should spend with each parent.

We recognise the sensitivity of issues concerning children and we can offer you professional and constructive advice on matters concerning contact, residence, child maintenance, leave to remove them from the jurisdiction and in relation to the resolution of financial matters in divorce and how this may be affected by the need to provide for the children.

We encourage parents to negotiate arrangements for children and where appropriate, can make a referral to mediation for you and your spouse or partner to meet and discuss what is best for the children in a safe environment.

In the rare event that court proceedings are necessary, we can advise you on the application and process and represent you should you so require.

Please contact us to arrange an appointment, ask a question or for a guide to costs. You can also email or call if you would prefer. Please click on any member of our family team to obtain a direct email address. Our head office telephone number is 0118 947 8638.