If someone is injured as a result of criminal activity, there are two courses of action open to them (apart from the Police/Crown Prosecution Solicitor bringing criminal proceedings):-

(1) Bring an action against the perpetrator in the County Court

(2) File a claim with the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (C.I.C.A.)

If the identity of the perpetrator is known, both actions can be taken, but the wisdom of suing in the County Court depends on whether that person has any assets or income from which to pay compensation.
If the identity is not known, or suing is pointless, then the only recompense available may be from CICA. (Double Recovery is not allowed – CICA would have to be repaid if full compensation was later recovered from the criminal.)

We can handle the full process of dealing with CICA, which body is rather bureaucratic and which exercise is paper-intensive.

Typical claims would include:-

[list style=”list_1″ color=”black”]
[li]A direct assault causing injury[/li]
[li]Injury sustained in trying to prevent a crime[/li]
[li]Injury resulting from arson[/li]

Compensation awarded is on the basis of a published table, from, say, a cut or minor break, up to total incapacity or death.

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