If you have suffered injury which was caused by another, you probably have a claim both for your direct losses (such as earnings) and for the pain and suffering involved. The most common occurrences are motor accidents, and injuries caused by faulty premises or surfaces such as pavements; but any sort of careless behaviour can cause financial loss to another, and we can act for the injured party or the accused party.

Accidents leading to injury are a feature of everyday life, and always have been. The mere fact that you have been injured does not automatically mean that you have a claim against someone else. The accident may have been your fault, or indeed no-one’s fault – an “Act of God”. But a claim can generally be made if someone else caused the injury either deliberately or through negligence, or where the law has placed the onus for safety on someone, such as an employer.

There is an almost infinite number of types of accidents, from the minor (a cut or bruise) to the catastrophic (e.g. total paralysis) or even death.

If an injury has been sustained as a result of a criminal activity (a burglary, say, or assault) – please see our page ‘Criminal Injuries Compensation’. Otherwise the principal categories are:-

[list style=”list_1″ color=”black”]
[li]Road traffic accidents[/li]
[li]Injury in the course of employment[/li]
[li]Slipping and tripping[/li]
[li]Assaults or deliberate actions[/li]
[li]Dangerous buildings or machinery[/li]

In most cases of Personal Injury we are able to offer a Conditional Fee arrangement (often referred to as No Win No Fee). With such an arrangement we and our Barrister acting for you would only receive payment if we win your case, and the opponent then pays most of your legal costs.

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