Buying or Selling a Business Property

Caversham Solicitors can help clients to buy or sell their business property, whether it is freehold or leasehold. There are many issues to consider and we can help you to understand them.

Part of the legal process in business property transactions is ‘due diligence’ – carrying out searches and raising enquiries with the seller. We also normally advise clients to have any property surveyed as any physical defects which arise after completion are more than likely to be your problem rather than that of the seller or the landlord.

Unless you are taking a new bespoke property you will need to be aware of the planning history and former uses of the property. If you want to use premises for a different use then you may need to obtain planning permission or building regulations consent. If the premises are leasehold there may be covenants in the lease which would either prevent the change of use or require a licence from the landlord.

Buying or selling a property is a major financial decision and the issues involved can all take time, so taking time to find the best legal advice can prove worthwhile.

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