Debt Collection

When it comes to credit control a stern letter from a solicitor can often secure a previously unforthcoming fee; here at Caversham Solicitors we are proud of a proven track record in securing the payment on behalf of our clients.

In these challenging economic times it is often the creditor who shouts the loudest who secures payment first and nothing shows how serious you are about recovering a debt than a solicitors’ letter detailing that if payment is not forthcoming then further legal action will be taken.

So powerful is this approach that we support our commercial clients with an inclusive debt collection service which involves us sending such letters as and when required.

As successful as we are however, it is sometimes necessary to pursue a debt further to ensure collection and naturally Caversham Solicitors are always prepared to take the steps to collect debts owed to you.

In the circumstances where a legal letter has not been successful in recovering a debt we can pursue the debtor through the courts where appropriate and represent you in those proceedings.

Whether you are prepared or indeed in a position to pursue a debt through court are considerations we explore during initial conversations about the collection of a debt.

All this presumes you are able to locate the person who owes you money. Caversham Solicitors is practiced at tracking down individuals and their accounts in order to recover debts.

The most important consideration however is timing and we would urge you to seek legal advice about outstanding debts you are owed sooner rather than later and here at Caversham Solicitors we will help you explore your options, so contact Robert Syms at or write or telephone if you prefer.

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