Contracts of Employment

An employment contract is an agreement between you the employer and your employees and it sets out their employment conditions, rights, responsibilities and duties. It is important to get these ‘terms’ of the contract correct, which is why more and more companies are turning to Caversham Solicitors to draw up such vital documents.

Human Resources or HR professionals will often draw up a contract based on the needs of the organisation, and they may not fully understand the law and make a mistake; a Contract of Employment is a legal document and needs to be drawn up with the protection of a business in mind and should minimise the risk of ending up at an Employment Tribunal

We can review existing contracts if you are concerned, or simply want to make sure they are fit for purpose. This is especially important ahead of changes in the business.

Similarly, we can update contracts that we have drawn up or that already exist to reflect the constantly changing employment legislation.
We appreciate employers naturally want to make the best decisions for their business and we can help them achieve this in the context of the law when it comes to creating and maintaining the right Contracts of Employment.

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