Employment Tribunals

There are many misconceptions about Employment Tribunals but there is certainly one truth and that is that no self-respecting employer wants to end up before one. Here at Caversham Solicitors our employment law specialists work hard to avoid you having to go and will defend you vigorously if it does happen.

Employment Tribunals can deal with a wide range of claims and this includes Unfair Dismissal, Redundancy issues, Discrimination and also unfair deduction from pay.

Normally if you have good procedures in place you will never see an Employment Tribunal and many of the issues that do reach this panel could so easily be avoided by ensuring you not only have the right procedures, but also that they are followed to the letter.

Although an Employment Tribunal is more informal than a court, it is an independent judicial body with the same decision-making powers as a court and it pays to be properly represented by an employment law specialist like Caversham Solicitors.

Often a consideration that will encourage employers to seek to settle or defeat a claim before it reaches the Employment Tribunal is the unlikelihood that you will recover any costs. Even if you win it is very rare (less than one per cent) for costs to be awarded against the employee. So, this could mean fees of upwards of £4,000 to successfully defend a case. This opens up the consideration for a Settlement Agreement depending on the claim. That said, the average pay out in almost all categories will end up costing a firm considerably more if you lose.

Call your local employment law specialists at Caversham Solicitors today to safeguard yourself from an Employment Tribunal and remember, calling us attracts no charges when you are a commercial client – that is just part of the service.

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