Unfair Dismissal

Leaving aside whether a former employee is right to claim Unfair Dismissal, the moment such a claim is heading toward an Employment Tribunal it is paramount that you take legal advice, and our employment law specialists are adept at handling such claims.

The particulars of the case will determine the best way forward and to what degree you are exposed. In an ideal world Caversham Solicitors would already be working with your business and may have influenced the procedures that could have avoided this; however, it does not matter what stage we become involved – we can offer professional advice and support.

It is important you seek legal advice quickly though, not least as given sufficient time we may be able to resolve the claim satisfactorily before it gets anywhere near a tribunal.

Sometimes it is simply a case of explaining to an aggrieved ex-employee that even if they took their claim of Unfair Dismissal to an Employment Tribunal it is unlikely to win the dizzying damages that the newspaper headlines would have you believe.

This could mean that a Settlement Agreement is a more appropriate way forward and clearly something else that the employment law specialists at Caversham Solicitors can help you with and we can explore this on your behalf.

Whatever happens, you do not have to handle a claim for Unfair Dismissal alone and Caversham Solicitors will strive to defend you and your business from the impact such a claim can have.

Contact us for help and advice in avoiding such claims and certainly contact Caversham Solicitors today if you are facing such a claim.

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