Employee Grievances

It is a rare company that is filled only with happy workers and grumbles are inevitable and may even lead to a formal grievance – and ensuring your employees know how to raise such a grievance is the legal responsibility of every employer.

As an employer you are legally required set out a grievance procedure and this should be shared with employees, for example within the staff handbook. This should include who they contact and how, what happens if it cannot be resolved informally and the time limits for each stage.

There is no requirement to include information about the grievance procedure in Contracts of Employment. However, if it is included you must follow the procedure, or risk a breach of contract claim against you.

Ensure your grievance procedures are correct and followed to the letter or you risk fuelling an Employee Grievance leading to an Employment Tribunal. If you have failed to follow procedures this can increase any pay out ordered if you are ruled against at tribunal.

With so much at stake it makes sense to work closely with the employment law specialists here at Caversham Solicitors. We can help draft grievance procedures and support you through any Employee Grievance.

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