Disciplinary Issues

As employment law specialists we at Caversham Solicitors know that with Disciplinary Issues it is of paramount importance that the correct steps are taken, or an employer can find themselves in a world of trouble.

The correct steps may be set out in the company handbook and disciplinary procedures should normally be contained within the Contract of Employment and these should be followed to the letter. Even if you are in the right to discipline or dismiss someone, it is important to follow the right steps, or you could be facing a claim for Unfair Dismissal or Discrimination.

Typically, the level of action will escalate with each transgression by an employee, or if it is serious enough they can be dismissed for a single issue. Whatever happens though the right level of response is essential, following that already agreed and understood by your staff.

Caversham Solicitors is adept at supporting employers who are dealing with difficult Disciplinary Issues and if necessary we can ensure the right process is followed and there is no risk of comeback on the employer.

Certainly, it is wise to contact us before making any hasty decisions or acting in the heat of the moment and dismissing a member of staff, however vindicated you feel to do so.

Contact Caversham Solicitors today to take the pain out of your Disciplinary Issues.

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